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Hi between myself and the local bike shop we have decided the bottom bracket is where my noise is coming from. The bike is under warranty but am thinking of maybe paying bit extra and upgrading does anyone know what to upgrade too? Hope that makes sense


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    Not really sure what you are asking. You can't 'upgrade' the BB as such, as the BB shell pretty much limits you to that standard. Fitting a BSA threaded adaptor is probably the only alternative.
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    Aww ok I've always gone down the road of if something breaks replace with something better. I'll get them to replace like for like. Thank you Andy
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    If you want 'better', then just get them to fit a BSA adaptor..
  • 2 choices .better bearings ie sram or do what i did and fit a sleeve to run external bb
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    Wheels Manufacturing adaptor. BB 30 to 24mm. Use Shimano or Fsa chainset. Easy to fit or remove. End of BB30 problems.
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    lesfirth wrote:
    End of BB30 problems.

    Not quite. The Wheels Manufacturing adaptors only slide into the existing BB30 bearings so they dont guarantee to fix anything. Any creaking from a dry bearing contacting with the shell or a broken guide ring in one of the bearings will still be present. a costlier full conversion sleeve will only truly free you from BB30. And they are known to creak aswell.

    The OP hasn't described what kind of noise it is. If its screeching its usually a broken bearing. Creaking means the surfaces could be dry and that includes the chainset spindle. Re-greasing that could solve it. Ticking could be a number of other causes.

    If the bike is new and still under warranty then opt for a free replacement set if you can get them. Spending big money on branded or ceramic bearings is a waste and they wont prevent failure.

    I've tried SRAM,FSA and chinese no name bearings and none of them performed any better or worst. They are probably all made in the same factory. The chinese no name's are more than good enough as long as they are stainless steel and packed with grease. And the shell is packed with grease. To keep the water out as thats what kills them.
    The chinese no name ones are so cheap you can buy 10 bearings for the price of 2 branded ones and then have a stock pile of spares ready at hand. Replacing them is a fairly straight forward and easy process. a simple drift and soft hammer and a press tool (a threaded bar,nuts and washers) is all thats needed to remove and re-install them. It's a 10 miniute job once you get the hang of it.
  • Hi
    I presently have the wheels mng shims in my bb30 bearings just recently had to take out and regrease all up due to the dreaded creak,Ive tried the praxis didnt find that worked for very long and lbs suggested the shims which lasted about 3months running creak free.

    Has any used these bb30 to bsa sleeves and any success??bought a fsa one last week not sure wether to install it or stick to what i have??
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