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Wilier GTR owners - tyre width question...

venstervenster Posts: 356
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Need new tyres for my GTR, running 23mm Conti GP4000 at moment but would like to go wider.

I'm hoping they'll take 25mm, but any bigger?

What are people's experiences...



  • pinnopinno Posts: 50,549
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    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • pinnopinno Posts: 50,549
    I have no idea what that apparent spamming is supposed to mean and i'm finding it difficult to find any tyre width metaphors.
    However, if it is any help, I run 27mm Vittorias on my Wilier which are 2mm bigger than the 25mm Michelin's I had on them before.

    This is an oddity because the MIchelin's sat bigger on the rims than the Vittoria Pave's do and it is commonly known that Michelin's do sit big on the rim.

    What rim width have you got? How much clearance have you got with the current set up?
    seanoconn - gruagach craic!
  • venstervenster Posts: 356

    I've got Ksyrium SLS wheels, which recommend 19 to 32mm !

    If you can run 27, then I'm sure 25 will fit which is what I'm looking to...
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