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New chain fitted - issue with

mikeyj28mikeyj28 Posts: 754
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Hi all

I am running a 10 speed (11-36) XT rear cassette with XT shifters and rear mech. I have changed the chain as it was due a change before the cassette had worn out.
I have put a SRAM chain on and it shifts well and runs nicely except for one problem.

When I shift into the smallest 2 chainrings on the rear cassette there is a clunking noise (seems that some of the chain rubs a little)and doesn't run as smoothly as all of the other chainrings. The cassette isn't worn so I am struggling to think what is the answer. It is more apparent when I am in the biggest front chainring and the two smallest at the rear.

Do I need to index the gears? It surely doesn't matter that I have used a SRAM chain (or KMC) and not a Shimano one.

Any help would be great. Thanks
Constantly trying to upgrade my parts.It is a long road ahead as things are so expensive for little gain. n+1 is always the principle in my mind.


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