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Advice needed - Merlin Fuse 150 mix or Giant Defy 0

oflyofly Posts: 2
edited July 2016 in Road buying advice
Hello, my first post and hopefully my first road bike!

My budget is £800, and that's as high as I can afford. I've narrowed my decision down to either Merlin Fuse 150 mix or Giant Defy 0. Both use Shimano 150 kit although I understand Merlin brakes and chain set are branded as "Shimano" however the Giant has Ultegra rear mech and shifters. Where as the Merlin is carbon.

Either can be had for £800. Both get good reviews. Looks wise I like them both about the same. Maybe the Merlin edges it, just!

I'm quite tall 6"2 with 33inside leg. I intend to use this for keeping fit, weekend ride outs and maybe some Sportive in the future. So a comfortable ride would be nice.

Obviously Giant are a massive brand (excuse the pun) where as Merlin a lot small UK based and import frames from the Netherlands.

Can anyone advise or have experience with either bike or brand? Cheers
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