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lone wheelerlone wheeler Posts: 163
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Just waiting on the new SR Chainset...



  • alex222alex222 Posts: 598
    Oooooh nice
  • matt-hmatt-h Posts: 847
    That is a peach!!! Well done Sir!
  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 6,304
    Just my opinion, but I prefer the crank you have there to the newer design...

    Gorgeous bike. [Picky Mode] May I suggest that to balance the tricolour bands on the seat tube that you replace the stem top spacer with a red anodised one? The front end is a trifle too black compared to the back. [/Picky Mode]
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  • lone wheelerlone wheeler Posts: 163
    Better side shot...


    I really like the look of the current model of chainset too but I want to build up my Canyon Ultimate again so i'll use the this older chainset on that and put the new SR on the C60. Not sure i'd like the idea of a red spacer to balance the colour. The head tube has a little bit of colour on including red, green and white in the world champ stripes behind the Colnago logo. The shifters / brakes also have a small bit of red on the 11 speed logo, as do the pedals.
  • lincolndavelincolndave Posts: 9,441
    Lovely, what else is there to say, besides I want one
  • Camcycle1974Camcycle1974 Posts: 1,356
    Lovely but can't help thinking Lightweight wheels look a little tacky. Personally I would de-sticker them but I guess they won't say Lightweight on them then! Or Vision Metrons for less than half the price. Frame etc is stunning. I know it's picky but when I look at the bike I can't help seeing the wheels rather than the bike due to the shouty decals.
  • lone wheelerlone wheeler Posts: 163
    Tough crowd lol...

  • Jim_FJim_F Posts: 7
    Should have gone dark label on the BORAs ;)
  • kingstoniankingstonian Posts: 2,847
    mmmmmm, I like a lot.
  • Camcycle1974Camcycle1974 Posts: 1,356
    Jim_F wrote:
    Should have gone dark label on the BORAs ;)

    I agree. Great looking bike but shouty wheels :D
  • lone wheelerlone wheeler Posts: 163
    Had the Boras before I got the C60 frame, agreed though, Dark Label Bora's would be better. Maybe next year!

    Just about to start rebuilding this one back up....

  • Camcycle1974Camcycle1974 Posts: 1,356
    Oddly they look fine on the Canyon.
  • lone wheelerlone wheeler Posts: 163
    Oddly they look fine on the Canyon.

    Cheers, they're a good combo 8)
  • Just fookin lovely......either set of wheels will do, just lose the gumwalls for black walled tyres :wink:
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