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shimano fh-m495 viam dust seals

RyanMK43RyanMK43 Posts: 113
edited July 2016 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi guys and girls I'm having trouble trying to put the dust seal back in my Shimano hub (freehub side). I stripped the hub down to give it a service and have brought a couple of seals to replace the old ones. I managed to dent/bend one seal from trying so hard to get it in and now I have one last one. So I'm looking for some advice or any tips for setting this dust seal in place

The hub is a shimano fh-m495 viam and the dust seal is a genuine shimano replacement part (Y-3CR 08000) the dust seal is fig 10 in the PDF below.

Does anyone have any tips for fitting these. I have never had any problems before with my XT hubs!!

Here is the link to the PDF for the hub ... Q3z3xb4pdg


  • tbh, mine popped in/out without an issue. You should go to a local hardware store, and buy some plastic plumbing fitting (PPR fiting) of the closest diameter as the seal, and gently tap it in.
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