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a Couple of weeks back I built up a new frame with old (less then 300 miles) 5800 group set inc preused cables and some Mavic sls wheels- not new.

Everything has been running fine for 200 miles or so apart from on a descent mid week the freehub started to make a noise- google lead me to stripping this and re lubing- all in that regard is quite again.

Now, I rode Friday everything was fine- 3 hours. I went out again this morning and it was like some one had switched the cassette for an old one- kept jumping like the chain was failing to mesh- every 15 metres or so. I couldn't fix the issue on the side of the road, so I got home and put the bike on the stand- everything is shifting as expected. But every 10 secs or so there is a clunk which can be felt.

Also if I turn the crank backwards everything is smooth for a while and then its like the gearing goes out- 1/4 turn of the adjuster puts it back to normal.


New freehub? As its sticking or something? There is a small bit of play in the freehub.

The bike is keep out of the way and unless my cats have played with it, it has not been knocked etc

I cant see that the gear cable is getting stuck.

Any ideas? I have a spare set of wheels to try.


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    Turns out it was the chain. A pin had come lose, a plate was slightly out of shape so catching. :shock: