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bbotibboti Posts: 39
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I am planning a one week bike trip in Austria (somewhere between Salzburg and Innsbruck). I want to stay in some camping and do one day MTB routes.
Do you have any suggestions for a good region? Maybe even a camping? Is there any good MTB route guidebook from the area??



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    Just back from walking holiday in Saalbach, Austria. I've been to Austria many times but never seen so many mountain bikes as in Saalbach and nearby Hinterglemm. Lots of mountain bike routes in the area and lots of bikers taking bikes up on the cable cars to descend down the MTB-specific trails ... iking.html
  • bbotibboti Posts: 39
    Thanks guys, this is a huge help :)
  • neilusneilus Posts: 245
    Yes, ive been to Saalbach a few times - its a fantastic area. 4 skilifts open for bikes with a bunch of proper downhill trails:
    They have a great offer, the Joker card which is free for guests staying at affiliated (which is 98% of the accomodation) hotels which gives unlimited use of the lifts. I doubt you'd get one at a campsite though. BUT: considering you would pay €35 a day for the skilift, and €20 for a campsite, id just find a cheap b&b (€40 a night), grab the Joker card and hit the trails.
    Id also mention the Wagrain area which is just fabulous. They have a small but fun bike park and heaps of other trails. Its a gorgeous little place, great restaurants and friendy people. ... iking.html
    Those would be my tips. Im a bit biased cos i live here but the whole tourism/mountain sport infrastructure here is just staggering...very good choice to come to Austria!!
  • y2keabley2keable Posts: 349
    Hi chaps, was about to start a new thread about this but since you already have this one started...

    Looking for some pointers on arranging a holiday to the Austrian Alps, this'll be my first mtb holiday abroad although I go skiing for a week in the Alps every year.

    I've been looking at Hinterglem/Saalbach as to me, it looks like the best place to go. Any advice when it comes to travel/airport transfer and choosing accommodation? There'll be 3 or 4 of us and where we're used to roughing it in campsites/bunkhouses/hostels, we wouldn't mind a bit of comfort for this trip, like a 3* hotel or nice B&B.

    Where did you guys stay, how did you travel and how much did your holiday cost? Do you think is £600-700 per person doable?

    Many thanks
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  • Hey y2keable,

    Last year my friends and i spent some nice days in Sölden in Tyrol. It´s great there for mountain bike holidays, many cool tours, great single trails in the Ötztal ... If you are interested in holidays in Sölden I will reccommend the mountain bike hotel alpina riml.

  • chris_nechris_ne Posts: 11
    All of the info on bike tours is linked here
    You could also speak to Rob who is English at I'm sure he could help with any wishes in the Kitzbuler Alpen Region.
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