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Hi all,

Long time cyclist but new to renovating older bikes.

I am interested in spray painting bike frames, not high quality frames worth lots, but I don't know what kit to use. I don't want to spending stupid money, preferably under £100.

What size spray nozzle do people use for painting an entire frame or touching up small areas?

Also, what kind of compressor do people use.

Many thanks in advance.


  • imposter2.0
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    Spray guns and a compressor is not exactly a 'basic' spray painting kit, is it. You are probably better off just using good quality rattle cans.
  • reds99
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    A few years since i sprayed, but i would get a 1.8 nozzle as you can turn the flow down to suit. With a nozzle say of 1.3 the paint molecules would splutter through so you could end up with a poor finish.
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    Have a look at the cans specifically designed for spraying bikes at Brick Lane Bikes. Dead cheap and easy!
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    That brick lane paint would be my choice
  • Mototarka
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    Is it the sticker on a can that makes it specified for bike frames? :D