Centre Parcs. Bike Theft etc?.

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We the family etc are going to Elveden, Norfolk, Centre Parcs in August the family bikes are being taken what security precautions would you advise we take?. Has anyone had any experience of this place?. :?:


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    I'd not take a precious bike - I think bike theft is fairly unlikely - but everyones on hire bikes and don't really care where they leave them. The chances of a bike getting put against yours is much more of a risk.

    All of the hire bikes have the cheapest of locks anyway - so do lock yours up with something a bit more secure. Hire bikes I'd happily leave outside. My own bike ? That would be in the chalet.
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    We spent a few days there with another family several years ago, and more recently our eldest son worked there as a life-guard during Uni holidays and to fund his gap year. It's not exactly a maximum security type of establishment, so bike theft isn't unheard of. The expensive bikes stayed in the chalet most of the time. If you're planning to use your own bikes to get about the place, take some decent D-locks.
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    take own bikes inside the chalet at night, and close the blinds so that it isnt obvious. Use a D lock as far as possible elsewhere. One of the problems though is that the bike stands at the activities are the kind that you put your front wheel in - many people lock the wheel to the rack and find that the wheel is there without the rest of the bike on return...! I put our bikes sideways on and lock them to each other and to the stand through the frame, or to a nearby fence.
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    I've heard of several bike thefts there on various forums so be careful and yeah keep bikes inside the chalet over night.
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    It's not a great place for performance bikes more for pooling around. never had an issue with my hybrid but it did have a chunky d lock.
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    The types of bike rack they have at Centre Parcs are awful considering how much of a cycling friendly place it is supposed to be.
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    Thanks everyone for your responses they have helped. :)
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    I worked there for a bit - take your best locks. For riding you need to get in to the forest. Go out the gate at the bottom and turn right - you are at the south side of Brandon park - good enough trails but cross the road and get to the high lodge trails - a bit better.
    ...take your pickelf on your holibobs.... :D

    jeez :roll:
  • Well folks we journed to the Outside and Inside Activities Centre parcs Elveden Forest certainly a few surprises such as the awful parking free for all when arriving and leaving :shock: . And as some have said the bike racks/stands are poor they do leave a lot to be desired!, bikes lying on the ground with a twisted wheel,bikes bunched together in a heap,etc etc,scant regard was obvious. :roll:

    Plenty of cycling going on but you had to have eyes in the back of your head :!: as both pedestrians,cyclists and all age groups shared the paths and roadways plus you also have to contend with service vehicles albeit moving slowly. Your limited if you wish to cycle on trails? as to whats inside the parc is poor i didn't see any information on what was available outside. Oh and bike hire is not cheap, *safety helmets and other items can be purchased or *hired the bike shop prices were full retail. Staff were friendly,courteous and helpful as we found everywhere we went.

    As far as we were concerned it was an adventure but with disappointments, good for kids but you Do need to keep a close eye on them in some areas. Certainly the bikes went inside at night and good locks taken. Other activities such as walking on a good forest trail did not exist we were told. The fishermen thought the lake was fine but a joke as to swims and times for fishing.

    Centre Parcs gave us an impression that in some areas did not for us come up to scratch but they certainly could improve and i hope they do, for me they most definatly are missing out on a few tricks :wink: :idea:
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    Take a look at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire. Not great cycling onsite, but you're in Pembrokeshire! Other facilities and activities onsite are good, hire bikes appear to be half-decent Treks or similar. Pool complex is small but our kids love it. It is quite a hilly site, so just getting about can be a stiff walk (or golf buggy ride).
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