Richmond-upon-Thames Audax rides - Saturday 6th August

marcusjb Posts: 2,412
Some will know that I am a fairly regular face at Audax events. After 5 or so years of riding them, I decided to run my own small events in August.

For those not familiar with Audax, it's a form of long-distance cycling that is focussed more on the distance than how fast you can get around. With calendar events from 100km up to 1400km, there's something for everyone and events are generally fairly low key and very friendly.

Key points are that self-sufficiency is imperative. There's no route marking (you can either use the gpx files I provide, or the route sheet) and you need to be able to deal with any mechanical challenges you might have (though, on the whole, Audaxers are a nice bunch and will help out where they can).

I have two events on the day:

8am kickoff - The Cogidubnus CC 200km

A run down to Chichester and back, taking in the Surrey Hills and the South Downs.

Not a super-hilly route (2300m of ascent in the day), but there's a few tough climbs along the way (Bedham Hill, Duncton Hill and Barhatch Lane are the ones I personally find the toughest).

Good cafe controls at 52km and 100km, then a shop or pub control at 170km, before reaching the finish at 209km at a great pub in St Margarets for beer and pizza.

9am kickoff - The Cheesy Peas 110km

This uses the same first and last 50km of the 200km ride with a joining section across.

Same cafe control at 52km (with the best cheese on toast ever!) before turning back into the Surrey Hills (still includes Barhatch Lane and Combe Lane).

The 200 in particular is filling up nicely, so do not leave it too late before entering.

There's loads more information here:

And entry can be done online at the below (only £5 and a £2 surcharge for non Audax UK members):

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and it would be great to see some of you there (and of course it will be a beautiful summer's day!).