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Shamal C17 / Bora 35 One Clincher / Bora 35 One Tubular - CAAD9

steph79steph79 Posts: 21
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I finally got permission from the wife to get a new weekend wheelset, my daily riding is done with Campy Vento's and before that it was Shimano R500's. My wife is encouraging me to stick with Campy wheels so that's what I'll do.

Weekend rides are in a park with 8% grades at most, over a 60 to 70km loop. Roads are closed to traffic on weekends so you can get pretty good speeds without having to worry too much or ride the brake. The Vento's can do it and this is a completely unnecessary purchase but i think it would be fun.

I've never tried high end wheels but I understand it makes a big difference. I'm wondering if anybody has tried any or all three of the sets listed above and what they would recommend? My wife would (probably) pick me up if I got a flat with the tubulars, still not sure if it's worth the hassle but I'm intrigued.

I do have the added complication that my CAAD9 frame is apparently on the small side for the Bora's so I'm also wondering what's the largest wheel anybody has ridden on a CAAD9? My LBS doesn't think there's an issue but this is the response I got from Cannondale:

"It is highly unlikely that those wheels will fit in the bike. Having almost a 25mm outer rim diameter they are very wide rims that will come drastically close to your chain stays and seat stays.

Those bikes are rated to a 25c tire to begin with, so a 25c tire on almost a 25mm rim would be rather large.

It is required that there be a 4mm gap between the tire and frame at all points to prevent rubbing issues and abide by the Cannondale warranty protocol."


  • matt_n-2matt_n-2 Posts: 581
    Boras are 24.2mm wide in both clincer / tubular and 35 / 50.

    Shamal C17 is 22.5mm so going by Cannondale they would be tight too.

    For mainly flattish rides with up to 8% aero trumps weight so I'd go with Bora 50 tubs, I'm sure they'd fit as tub tyres do not go beyond their stated width like a clincher can sometimes on wider rims. I.E. my Corsa SC 25mm measure up nearer 27mm on H Plus Archetypes, but my FIL runs Bora 50s with 23mm tubs and they come up at just over 23mm.
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  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    Seeing as your wife seems to be calling all the shots, I would get her to suggest the best set...
  • sebbypsebbyp Posts: 106
    If you're going to shell out, might aswell go the whole hog and get something bling! haha

    I've only recently gone to the Bora One 50 Tubs for TT's, weekend blast and racing/sportives etc. gorgeous wheels and rather fast too. bloody light also. Only done about 250miles on them though. Still a little concerned about the cost of tyres due to wear rate. Carrying Stans No Tubes sealant and a valve core removal tool in case of puncture.. Did a 10M TT on my crappy road bike in high 24mins @39Km/h with them on. Probably use them for 100mile sportive this weekend, their first big test.
  • steph79steph79 Posts: 21
    Thanks for the input, I never really thought of the 50 just due to what I've read about crosswinds but maybe I'll have to reconsider that. Sounds like tubs are the way to go just for the tire width, thanks for that.

    FYI, my wife would probably suggest the 50s because of the bling and the tubs because I've been talking about them and she's awesome that way. Also, permission is cheaper than divorce.
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