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Disc brakes

dinyulldinyull Posts: 2,972
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I have asked this in the London Road thread, but hoping to get an answer from a wider "disc" audience.

I have a Planet X London Road and think I've ordered the wrong disc rotor size for the rear.

Brakes are TRP Spyre, I ordered 160mm rotor from front and 140mm for the rear (as this seemed common practice). However on fitting the rear, the pads only just touch the rotor.

I received a bracket included in the box, but to me that would make the caliper sit further away from the rotor?

Just to check I put the 160mm rotor on the rear and it fitted perfectly.

So am I doing it wrong, or should I just get another 160mm rotor and be done with it?


  • homers_doublehomers_double Posts: 6,943
    The bracket might be a convertor, in which case it sometimes adds 20mm to the required rotor diameter.
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  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
    You can get a 160 to 140 convertor. Pushes the brake up towards the rotor effectively. No idea which one without looking. Normally about a tenner or so. Just get a 160 disc.
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  • dinyulldinyull Posts: 2,972
    Cheers for your help.

    From doing a bit of googling, it seems the converters are to "upsize" discs and you can't "downsize" which is what I require.

    I would have just returned them to wiggle as I have vouchers to use, but they are out of stock in 160mm.
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