2007-2009 Cervelo R3 and RS

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I have a 2009 R3 that I love and just bought a 2007 RS frame to build up (according to the serial number both are 2007 but both were sold as 2009's). I know this is before they moved forward with the BBright bottom bracket. Do you guys know what bottom bracket to use?

For reference to the early serial number dates:

the R3 is SNR3C07M00671
the RS is SNRSC07M0036

These signify 2007. I guess they sat at Cervelo for a while before being sold...


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    maybe. I saw this as well but ave not been able to determine if it is crank specific or a type (size of) bottom bracket. My R3 came with full dura ace except the crank which is fulcrum. There are many different versions of the FSA Mega EXO too, numbers starting at 6000 going to 8600 when I search them...Just do not know.
  • I believe the bottom bracket is a standard threaded bsa bottom bracket. The one you need will depend on what group you are going to use. Whats the build spec?
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    I am not sure which way I will go yet. I have never used sram and should be able to use my dura ace wheels (cassette) with that group. Crank wise probably FSA as they seem to be popular and light.

    If it helps the frame bb shell is 68mm wide and threaded so not a press fit shell?
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    In that case it sounds like a standard BSA threaded BB shell, which will give you a wide selection of cranksets to choose from, FSA included.

    I'm a Shimano user myself; love the simplicity of the HT2 system, especially with screw-in BB cups...
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    Thank you, you are correct. This is the answer from Cervelo:

    Thank you for contacting us. SNRSC07M00336 traces to a 54cm, 2008 RS frame. SNR3C07M00671 traces to a 54cm, 2008 R3 frame. Both frames have a 68mm wide, English-threaded (BSA) bottom bracket shell. The bottom bracket you select would depend on what type crank you decide to use. Options are Shimano Hollowtech, Campagnolo Ultra-Torque, Sram GXP, and FSA MegaExo.