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BTWIN Rockrider 560

spamheidspamheid Posts: 15
edited July 2016 in MTB buying advice
Hi All,

I am rather overweight and unable to use my road bike. It is either going to disappear inside me or snap when I hit a bump, or both I suppose.

My kids are now big enough to do some cycle paths and trails, so I would like to buy a decent mountain bike to do this with them and to get my fat censored back on a saddle in general, maybe doing some trails (nothing spectacular).

I like decent quality bikes and want something that can handle my current weight (18 stone) without me killing the components too quickly. I have looked at the second-hand market and not seen much I would like to buy. Then I saw the Rockrider 560 for £389 (I think it replaced the old 8.1). ... 36092.html

I would be very grateful if some of you better informed folks could shed some light on this bike and any others that I could pick up for around £400. I am firm on the price. I have been here before with bikes and know how easy it is to add an extra £50 here and there for better specs.

Thanks in advance,



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