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I have an MTB should I get an Road Bike also

KinamodKinamod Posts: 2
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I know its a strange question, but I've just been having a think. I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the MTB section.
Basically, I went out and upgraded my mountain bike, Orange Crush 2014 for those that care ;P
and basically, its medium size, blah blah blah, bottom line. When I need to run to town, maybe commute now and again, or just be in an out around the city, I feel like a road bike may be better suited.
Riding this chunky bike, I can essentially feel it fighting me. I can't quite put the seat where i want it etc. You hear the tyres battering the road, and I frequently just run out of gears.

I sound like such a moaner lol, blaming my tools (get fitter!) Anyway, yeah. What do you think? I was tempted to just go online and get something second hand for under £60/70, but then I don't want it to fall apart, so I'm looking at possibly £160/sub £200. Is that worth it, or should I just suck it up?
Tempted maybe by a fixie or a single speed, but then I'm probs back to the running out of gears moaning point ;P

If so, what kind of bike do you recommend?
I've seen stuff from this ... 1175958845
to stuff like this: ... EBIDX%3AIT ... EBIDX%3AIT

I'm trying to do research, but I'm really an amateur when it comes to tarmac...


  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    I mountain bike in the warmer months and road bike in the colder months. Road biking is very convenient, builds endurance and teaches you to control power for the best performance. It has helped my mountain biking no end.

    Best to get a good quality rather than cheap road bike or you will help it.
  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 8,769
    You should always be looking for another bike.

    Probably the best value roadbike atm is the Decathlon BTwin Triban 500se, for £300. Anything less than that, and imho it will weigh a lot, and or be dubious quality.
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  • Wag$terWag$ter Posts: 69
    I've just done the same thing and got a road bike as well as my mountain bike now if I want to put some road miles in I can..
    I got my road bike (giant defy 0) on cycle to work scheme if that's an option for you
  • gdcfc1gdcfc1 Posts: 173
    Yes, remember the rule (n+1)
    looking into the +1
  • haydenmhaydenm Posts: 2,902
    As others have said, obviously you need another bike (that goes without saying as more bikes=better) but try to get something like that Decathlon^ or it won't solve your problem especially well and you probably wont enjoy riding it so much. Getting a road bike to go with the mtb is a great idea speaking from experience
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    " When I need to run to town, maybe commute now and again, or just be in an out around the city"

    Unless you live somewhere super hilly, I'd say it sounds like a fixed or singlespeed would do the job. Cheap and easy to maintain.
  • lukesweenlukesween Posts: 13
    I have a single speed for shorter rides other when out with casual cyclists. Short stem and risers on and find a good gearing help it to be super comfortable and in terms on maintenance, I barely have to touch it.

    I use a specialised langster that cost £500 new so no doubt be around 200 now
  • perfectmarkperfectmark Posts: 117
    I personally wouldn't get a single speed/fixie unless you can store 3 bikes in your house, as you are going to want a road bike with gears at some point. It just gives you more options about where you can ride. The first bike you posted seems OK for the price, I would just google the weight of any you look at as you should be able to get one which isn't too much more than 9KG.
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