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Campy EPS dropping chain

mckeejamckeeja Posts: 10
edited June 2016 in Workshop
I'm having a problem with a new Campy Super Record EPS occasionally allowing the chain to shift off the smallest gear on the cassette and into the frame. It has only happened twice in probably 1000 miles but not something I'm happy about given what it does to an expensive frame.

I have gone through the setup process for the real derailleur and think it's pretty well adjusted. It's changing cleanly and if anything it's slow to change to the smallest cog so I don't think it's over-shifting.
I'm not 100% certain that the last time this happened it was exactly at the moment I shifted into the smallest cog. I was on a rough bit of road and was wondering if this contributed.
It's also possible to adjust the distance between the guide jockey wheel and the cassette. Looks ok to me but could this contribute to the problem?
Anyone seen anything similar and any ideas where to look next to solve this one.

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