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Issues with DI2 Upgrade Kit

chuanitochuanito Posts: 6
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I bought last year a Kuota Kiral with an Ultegra 6800 groupset, which I now upgraded with a Ultegra DI2 upgrade kit.

It was a real pain in the a** to put the cables through the frame without actually removing the press fit bottom bracket but I somehow managed it...with one exception. As my frame had no internal routing for the front derailleur to bottom bracked I guided it from the outside, which looks like this now:


You can see in the following picture where the rear derailleur cable came out:


Do you guys see an issue with that setup in terms of the cable being exposed to rain/mud etc. etc.?

I also have an issue with the crosschain setup. I'm aware that I shouldnt cycle with a crosschain but I can have big casette / big chain combination without a problem (although not healthy). But the small casette/small chainring causes this:


Could that be caused because of the chain, which is too long? (although I used the same chain/chain length as the one I used with my old ultegra 6800 setup.

Just to get feedback from you guys I also took some pictures of the front/rear derailleur setup. Please feel free to comment:





  • 964cup964cup Posts: 1,361
    The cable's fine, although the conventional thing with external routing to the FD is come around the front of the BB, up behind the chainset; you'll find a clip on the back of the front mech to accommodate the cable in this routing.

    Your chain is too long.

    The other pics aren't much use, but it looks like your lower limit screw isn't set correctly - the cage looks too far over to the inside when you're on the small ring.
  • chuanitochuanito Posts: 6
    Thanks a lot for the input :) I adjusted the lower limit and I'm going to shorten the chain (need to order a new chain anyway).

    I just checked the annoying clicking I heard on the biggest casette and small chain ring and found the issue:


    I see in other gear combinations, where I feel that it's not smooth a similar situation:


    With the adjustment mode I can make the derailleur move in and out but how do fix such an alignment issue?
  • trailflowtrailflow Posts: 1,311
    Pictures are not working.

    Sounds like you need to adjust the B-Tension screw
  • chuanitochuanito Posts: 6
    I think I'm progressing on the issue :D

    I just checked my gear combos ...I have 11/32 and 50/34...with a short cage derailleur, which won't work :lol:

    So, I just ordered a medium cage rear derailleur, which should support my setup.
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