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natrixnatrix Posts: 1,111
So far I've always gone for Islabikes for the childrens bikes, good quality, lightweight with a very good resale value.

Then there were Frog and Hoy bikes to take into account, slightly cheaper and with an unknown resale value.

Now there's Wiggo bringing out a range of childrens bikes that are being sold at Halfords!! I've had a look and they seem quite good, fairly light (8.8kg for the 20" model), proper shifters (no gripshift) but with a bizarre back-to-front fork.

How on earth do I choose what to get for their next bike???
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,852
    Does it come with sideburns on the forks. Sorry couldn't resist. Seriously if Halfords are bringing out something that's lightweight with proper shifters then that's got to be good, hopefully it will have decent shocks if not it doesn't matter as things going in the right direction and eventually they will be fitted as standard. Hopefully Kids BSO,s will die out.
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  • MototarkaMototarka Posts: 31
    Bought MEKK Volante 24" for my boy a month ago. Wiggle is assembling them or should I say throwing together from parts bin :D Bike came out little over 10kg (Isla Luath 24" with road tyres is aroud 9kg), it has an adult saddle and white bartape gets dirty from contact with air, so upgrades are quite obvious :) Apart from these things, it's a quite good bike for price.
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