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Help on how to upgrade - advice appreciated!

SportivodSportivod Posts: 3
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I have a fantastic Rockrider 5.0, which I love and it serves me extremely well as a road bike (slick tyres and a saddle cushion make it perfect for my needs). However, I want to upgrade it to a passable trail bike. I do not have the budget (nor the space) for a new bike, so I want to try and fit suspension forks and disc brakes on the front.

Am I being stupid? Or, could this be a viable option, for only occasional trail biking on well-defined tracks?

Any advice would be much appreciated! I really don't know the first thing about what suspension and disc brakes entail, I just know that I won't get far without at least the forks!



  • Lungs94Lungs94 Posts: 160
    You can probably get away with buying 2nd hand forks and brakes, but without knowing your budget I can't really advise, you could get some 100mm RockShox XC28, brakes are going to cost quite a bit even at lower-end, and you have to make sure your wheels are suitable for disc brakes looking at maybe £150-£200, I'm not an expert at building bikes at low budget, I would just stick to what you've got for light trails
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  • SportivodSportivod Posts: 3
    Thanks, Lungs94.

    My budget is £250 max, so I have been looking at the forks you mention. I have also found a front disc brake kit produced by the same manufacturer as my bike, but, as you observe, I'll need new wheels too.

    I'm fairly sure I can get the kit within my budget, but what I just don't know is whether this approach is remotely sensible, or might I be better-off cutting my losses and by something off the self at that level?

    Thanks again for any advice!
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    I'd spend £90 more than your budget and get this ... 50454.html

    Sell yours and you should make most of it back.

    Or for another £20 with the discount that's on until tomorrow, this ... ke-p275612

    Seriously good value for £360.
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  • Lungs94Lungs94 Posts: 160
    I would get the Cailbre if I were you, best bike you'll ever get for under £400 unless you went 2nd hand
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