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Shoe/Pedal squeak

grenwgrenw Posts: 794
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A few weeks after changing shoes I've developed an annoying squeak!

Running a set of XT spd pedals with SIDI Dragon 4 shoes and it seems like part of the shoe, either the sole itself or the grips, is rubbing on the pedal and making a noise. It's particularly bad when climbing. I reckon it's something specific to SIDI (maybe because their grips are softer due to being replaceable) as my wife has the same problem on another set of SIDIs and there is no sound with my winter boots or with my old Shimano shoes. A dab of grease helps but soon wears off.

Anyone else come across this and have a solution?


  • mercia_manmercia_man Posts: 1,406
    I have got squeaks at times with double-sided SPD pedals with both Sidi Dragon and S-Works carbon-soled shoes. The noise is absent with single-sided SPD pedals - A520 and A600. Maybe it's something to do with the slightly larger platform which I also find does give a bit more support and comfort on multi-day tours.
  • wongataawongataa Posts: 944
    I get squeaks with my shoes (Shimano) on my SPD pedals (M520). I assume it is down to where my cleats are in relation to the shoe treads. I just apply lube every so often to the pedal/shoe to keep it quiet for a bit. When it's gets noisy again out comes the GT85 for a lube top up.
  • marcusjbmarcusjb Posts: 2,412
    If anyone ever finds a permanent solution to this, I would be grateful for life!

    I've had it on Sidi Dragons and Bonts.

    It can not happen for ages, then on a ride it will suddenly start on one of the sides of one of the pedals!

    I personally think it is not the pedal or the shoe as such, but bits of grit and muck causing the interface to not be as tight as possible. But I have no proof in either direction!

    Annoying for sure.
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