help understanding headsets!

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Hi all,

Im confused about threads headsets. Its probably a really dumb question but......
Are sealed cartridge bearings interchangeable as long as the internal diameter matched the forks steer tube?? Is the outer shape of the cartridge bearings the same amongst brands so in affect headset brands are interchangeable amongst bike brands?



  • sungod
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    no, it's not that simple, but generally you can measure them fairly easily and even with the angled ones you can estimate the angle, 45 degrees is easy

    if you're trying to identify one, the fsa catalogue may help... ... e_2010.pdf

    or post bike model/year, someone may know
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    To make it easier , in integrated 11/8"headsets you can have 2 tastes, Campa Standard with external diameter app. 41,2 mm and Cane Creek standard with app. 42 mm.