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Google maps/Strava sat nav!

Felipe2105Felipe2105 Posts: 68
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I've recently join the road biking crew and have strava to track my progress.

The strava sat nav isn't great and I kept missing my turns today as I couldnt clearly see the screen. Do you guys know of any good apps where you can map out your ride beforehand, but then have a sat nav guide you round?

I tried using Google maps but it just sends me down the main roads which is boring!

Hope that makes sense!


  • SMESME Posts: 348
    I use Ride With GPS and IpBike.

    Ride With GPS is quite good for mapping out rides and can be used for reversing the journey.
    I export these routes as .gpx files and load them on my phone for IpBike to use. IpBike doesn't let you know in advance where to turn but, when I tap my phones screen, the route shows up along with my current location - it works for me.

    I later upload my ride from IpBike to Strava as a record/training aid.

    My phone is a Sony Z3 compact, the battery on it lasts a few days (maybe just over a day if I'm heavily on the route checking for a 4hour ride!), and it's waterproof so I just band it on my handlebars.

    One day, like others on here, I guess I'll upgrade to a Garmin 800 and be using their software for route planning and/or ride recording.
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