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decisions, decisions...Rose bikes and a creaky bb.

prhymeateprhymeate Posts: 792
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So I've had a bit of trouble with the bottom bracket on my Rose Xeon RS 3000 creaking a lot. I sent it to their guy in the UK who fixed it but the noise returned a couple of weeks later. I then sent it to Germany where they said they had fixed it but now 3 months later the noise has returned.

They have offered to replace the frame, but only have a black/yellow one in my size which I am not very keen on (mine was all black). As helpful as they've been, I'm also getting a bit tired of the back and forth and with hindsight, would have purchased a bike from somewhere in the UK.

I have two options either send my bike to them, get it fixed and live with the black/yellow frame...or use it as an excuse to upgrade and see if they will send me the new frame on it's own so I can sell it. I've got my eye on the Giant Advanced pro 0 now... Does anyone have any idea how much the Xeon RS 3000 frame might be worth brand new? It's a 63cm frame so might be few prospective buyers.


  • I read on this forum that Rose Bikes were the best bikes in the World.

    Hope you get it sorted.
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • darkhairedlorddarkhairedlord Posts: 7,174
    All modern bikes are maintenance free. They should never need greasing, oiling, adjusting, cleaning, or pressurising. Essentially a sealed for life product.
  • perfectmarkperfectmark Posts: 117
    What kind of bottom bracket does your bike have? There are a number of options out there which will help with the creaking. But in my experience, modern press fit bottom brackets still require a clean/regrease every few months.
  • debelidebeli Posts: 583
    This thread (along with others) is a good reminder that there may be some merit in dealing with a trusted LBS.

    My cycling equipment seems to come from every corner of the globe, but has never been returned further than the High Street.
  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 2,120
    According to it has a BB30 bottom bracket. These are more susceptible to creaking than other designs, but in my experience if you are meticulous in cleaning and assembling using loctite 641 bearing retaining compound you minimise the risk. I have BB30 on three bikes and don't suffer trouble apart from bearing wear and then they need replacing. I do this work myself as I know I will have peace of mind that it will be done meticulously.

    Of course it does come down the manufacturing tolerances in the first place - if the frame is not machined so that the press fit bearings fit correctly then you are never going to stop the creaking. With an aluminium frame I would have thought this would have been more likely to be within tolerance as it would be machined during the manufacturing process. However, if the bearings were not fitted correctly or the frame damaged putting them in then it may well be trashed. As they have tried twice to rectify it does sound like the frame is trash unless an engineering solution can be found...

    Depending how old it is, if under warranty I would assume you can get it replaced. If they don't have an exact replacement I guess they are duty bound to offer you something of equal or better quality. I wouldn't think they can just say 'we have these horrible colour frames left that we couldn't sell, take it or leave it'.

    If you bought online then you are well protected under the distance selling regulations. Once again depending on how long you have owned it you may be able to get a full refund if it is not fit for purpose and they can't provide you with a new one. Worth looking into but it may be a struggle and you have to stand firm, know your rights and just be completely reasonable all along. If you bought online with a credit card again you are protected and the credit card company can act on your behalf and they wield a lot of power and usually get better results.

    Good luck


    Oh and p.s. Would you really be happy selling it on knowing you will be passing on a problem to a fellow cyclist? As long as you tell prospective buyers the issue then no problem, apart from of course no one will buy it...
  • prhymeateprhymeate Posts: 792
    Thanks for all the info. I am currently waiting for them to confirm the size of the new frame, according to the dhl email I recieved it's a 66, which is way too big for me even coming from a 63. I wasn't looking to sell my current frame, only the new one that they are looking to send me, which I'm assuming would be fault free.
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