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Bloodwise Rides - Poor organisation

kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,198
Anyone done a ride organised by these people ?

IME they seem totally disorganised. I signed up via the website which crashed. I telephoned and they said the money had been taken. About a week later I asked where my pack was - I was told it would be with me in the next couple of weeks !(ride was three weeks away)
Then I noticed on the website it said rider packs weren't being sent out until you have raised £20 in sponsor ship - phoned again - They told me the web site was incorrect - They didn't know my shirt size and which route I was doing - once more I was told my pack would be with me shortly...

Another week goes by - still nothing. Yet another phone call - surprise surprise - the reason for the delay ? - they didn't know my shirt size or which route I was doing...

In the interim - I looked at last years route - and they were a load of comments and corrections by bloodwise - as they have recorded the elevation in feet not metres - or was it metres not feet ....etc....

I've cancelled - and asked for my entrance fee back !


  • specialmanspecialman Posts: 22
    I did the Rugby-Coventry one at the start of the month... great route, no concerns there, but the feed stops felt like they didn't really want to supply you with anything but a cup of weak squash and half a banana... I think there are a lot of volunteers involved so you have to expect a degree of chaos, but it worked fine enough on the one I did. I only booked on the day before so had to collect a rider pack on the morning and it was literally two after pins, a number for the shirt and a map that barely lasted the journey.

    It was only my second sportive; my first was a month earlier (the Squires & Spires) and that was better organised, more professional, but more expensive if I remember correctly.
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