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Race knock backs

supercyrilsupercyril Posts: 201
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Just wondering how common it is to get your application to race a British Cycling race refused. 3 times this year i have been refused due to application numbers and priority going to local riders. Unfortunately in the south of Scotland there are no races so i have no choice but to apply outwith the area. Seems to me i'm paying BC for a licence that im not getting a chance to use. Im a 3rd Cat.



  • giropaulgiropaul Posts: 414
    Not uncommon. Putting on races is a big commitment, and fewer clubs have members who are prepared to organise and marshal. Fewer races equal more demand for those that are organised. Does your club run a race? It helps to get into races if your club organises one ( and it's worth mentioning on a slip with your entry if it does).
    The TLI have some racing around south Scotland and Nortern England, this might be an alternative?
  • ozzzyosborn206ozzzyosborn206 Posts: 1,340
    do you live near a closed circuit that is used for crits often? its probably worth trying to rack up some points and get a 2nd cat licence as being a third with not many points your probably going to be one of the first they cross off when trying to narrow to to get the highest quality field they can
  • supercyrilsupercyril Posts: 201
    Nothing like that round here. 1 race a fortnight if you get in and then its 90mins to 2hrs plus travel time.
  • Alex99Alex99 Posts: 1,436
    supercyril wrote:
    Nothing like that round here. 1 race a fortnight if you get in and then its 90mins to 2hrs plus travel time.

    Do you say that you are willing to be a reserve? I usually get a ride as a reserve if I don't get accepted.
  • Omar LittleOmar Little Posts: 2,040
    Part of the difficulty will be many of the races the West of Scotland and East of Scotland are part of a series and have priority entry - to juniors, to members of clubs that organise other races in the series, to members of clubs in the region and so and once that is full there will only be a limited number of places left.

    There are also less races this year with several fairly large clubs / teams not pulling their weight and helping organise races despite having members racing and despite being bigger clubs than some that have held races.

    The south of Scotland used to have a really healthy race calender until a couple of years ago - what happened to the south west cycling project?
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,026
    This is usually the 'stock ' reply from the 2 organisations I belong to when someone whinges about lack of races or being 'knocked back'.......

    Are you a member of a club who organises?
    Do you 2 or 3 times a year actually help out and stand on a corner with a red flag to assist?

    If you ALL get into this mindset, then perhaps your race calendar might just pick up after time?

    You are not professionals, you are amateurs.. and sometimes you have to put back a bit of yourself into the sport in a different way.
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