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Mavic D521 on Deore hubs what are my alternatives?

Klang180Klang180 Posts: 22
edited June 2016 in MTB buying advice

I am running a classic 2000 GT Arrowhead with same year Deore XT hubs and Mavic D521 rims. Unfortunetly the rims are way past their best and are close to collapse thanks to 16 years of wear. I want to replace the rims and ideally keep the hub and spokes (keep it retro and costs down) but I am finding D521s really hard to come by on ebay. Can anyone suggest a replacement for the D521 (new or used) that i can use instead. I have been looking on ebay for months now and missed out on the few instances of D521s I have seen. This bike has lots of sentimetal value and I'd like to keep it going but i cannot afford to spend too much so any cheap solutions much appreciated. I am just so confused with the options buying rims alone that i am not sure i can buy any replacements confidently.

FYI they are the 36 hole variety.

Thanks for any help you can provide desperate to get my Old Arrowhead back on the streets safe in the knowledge the rims won't buckle in.


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