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Vitus Sentier VRS or Whyte 901

Strat68Strat68 Posts: 13
edited June 2016 in MTB beginners
Hi guys,
Back from holiday and decided I've spent too long being indecisive :D
So either gonna go for a Vitus Sentier VRS or Whyte 901 - either would be a great bike compared to what I'm used to, which is an old Felt QX hybrid.
Is the Whyte worth the extra cash over the Vitus?
Use will be General mountain biking, nothing ultra hardcore, though hoping to get to proper trails as I learn the ropes. ... prod135386!901-16/e1d28

A third choice would be the Pinnacle Iroko 2 but then I wouldn't be able to flip a coin :D ... e-EV244133

One advantage of the whyte is that there are Whyte dealers everywhere but the Vitus is mail order only, so I could support a local shop, and any issues would be easily fixed.
All the best :)


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