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Car rack

Rez 27.5Rez 27.5 Posts: 21
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Evening all. New to the forum, first post. Just got back into riding after a long period out. Picked a Sommet 27.5 VR and the mrs has an Orbea HT.

We're after a bike rack for the two bikes to go on an Audi A5... Might you have any recommendations?

Not sure it's the right forum area but chancing it.

All the best.


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,457
    Do yo have a towbar, if so get a thule 9503 the bike wheels sit in the frame rather than hang on it. Racks are easier for hardtails but can be awkward for full sus bikes. You can also get a similar version to hang on the bumper. Roof style racks are a good idea if riding regularly as you fit and forget between use. Again don't scrimp on these as cheaper ones don't good. Hang of the back style racks if they cover lights number plate etc will require a light board with plate by law.PS mate loves his Sommet.
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  • Rez 27.5Rez 27.5 Posts: 21
    No towbar mate. Ill look into a decent roof rack then my man, nice one. Good point about the rear lights being obstructed.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,457
    Just be wary if your built like Mr Puniverse it can be hard work lifting your bike onto car roof bars and then holding one handed whilst clamping the bike up. If reasonably built you should be ok.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    Go for Thule Aero bars and the pro ride carriers.
    Nice and solid and the fittings are easy on the paint. Easy to remove when not in use as well.
  • lostboysaintlostboysaint Posts: 4,250
    And then remember any height restriction barriers at car parks!
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
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  • Rookie1986Rookie1986 Posts: 153
    I've just moved over from a Saris Bones 3 (not a cheap carrier by any measure) to a Thule Aero Bars roof rack system with 1 x 598 Pro Ride and 1 x 591 Pro Ride bike carriers and I wish I had done this from the get-go.

    The Thule setup is simply perfect, the bikes attach firmly, safely and securely (you can also lock them to the carrier). The best part I found was that your not watching them "bob" up-and-down at the rear of your car while driving unlike when using the Saris and best of all you don't have to remove the full bike rack every time you want access to the boot, set off on a ride or simply aren't carrying the bikes.

    The only downside to the Thule setup is the cost, although when your putting several ££££'s worth of bikes up there you want to be able to feel confident that the carrier is up to the job, which the Thule Aero Bars with Pro Ride carriers most certainly are!!

    Additionally, I wouldn't be overly concerned about putting the bikes up on the roof, I'm 5'6", only weigh 10 stone and manage this with ease (and my bike (Canyon Nerve) isn't exactly a featherweight at around 13kg) this is easier with the 598 as it has a slight design change which increased the size of the small lip on the central arms holding claw. Both carriers are more than up to the job though so no need to worry if you go for the 591 over the 598 :)


    P.S. After fitting the 591 I seem to get a high pitch whistling noise from the carrier/roof bars, this appears to be fairly common but I didn't experience this with just the 598 so that might be worth taking in to consideration.
  • RelaxitscoolRelaxitscool Posts: 103
    I use a thule raceway 991, a bit expensive but the dogs. I fits my Audi A4 and my wifes Nissan Juke. Once on, its secure and rattle free. I've had roof bars and rear racks, this is the best. Quick to fit, easy to store, just a bit pricey. ... 1-_-991001
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