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Sagan winning the 2019 Tour

onyourrightonyourright Posts: 509
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VeloNews has just published a brilliant, hilarious, provocative prediction of the 2019 Tour de France by Andrew Hood here. You need to read it. That’s all.

Well, if you want to seriously speculate about Sagan winning a grand tour, go for it. I wouldn’t completely put it past him, though it must be unlikely in this hyper-specialised era.


  • RichN95.RichN95. Posts: 24,261
    When I first saw Sagan (Tour Down Under 2009) I rashly declared on this very forum that he'd win the Tour. He won't

    Hood's comparisons to other riders are flawed though.

    Wiggins: Sagan has never excelled in long time trials, suggesting too low a threshold power
    Kelly: He was from a different age before full specialisation (Fignon, Hinault, LeMond & Roche all did well in the classics too)
    Jalabert: Well he's arguably the biggest doper in the history of the sport (World number 1 throughout the worst EPO excesses 95-99)

    Besides Geraint Thomas will beat him.
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  • ProssPross Posts: 25,338
    Since those early days when Sagan could hold on over lumpy terrain and looked like his career could develop any number of ways he appears to have become a much heavier rider. He could take a lot of green jerseys to go with a clutch of Classics but he'll never come close to winning a GT.
  • frisbeefrisbee Posts: 691
    I could easily see him finishing second in the tour. His girlfriend must love him!
  • RichN95.RichN95. Posts: 24,261
    frisbee wrote:
    His girlfriend must love him!
    They're married. Did you not see the photos?

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  • effilloeffillo Posts: 257
    Nice read.

    With the way people want cycling to go in order to attract new fans and larger tv audiences i wouldn't be totally suprised if it went in this direction, full WWE!!
  • Sun DodgerSun Dodger Posts: 393
    If ASO threw in a few downhill time trials, i'd have a punt on him....
  • dish_dashdish_dash Posts: 4,979
    Ha ha... Sagan wins the TdF and we get Sarko back in the Elysee... both fantasies!

    I can't see Sagan limiting his loses going up Alp d'Huez enough to get in front of Quintana in the TT, even after losing some weight.
  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 6,326
    I would love Sagan to try and win a grand tour - devote a year to losing the weight and training specifically to do it - I know he never would do that and 99.999% likelihood it would never work even if he did but wouldn't it be fascinating to see how far he could get.

    Perhaps he might try and lose weight and win a clean sweep of the monuments though - would that be within his capabilities? Liege a possibility maybe but Lombardy a step too far to be realistic ?
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  • ProssPross Posts: 25,338
    Read the article now. Not really brilliant, hilarious or provocative! With the mention of Sagan riding for a team sponsored by the company that buys out ASO I thought it was going to go on to make a satirical point where the course is purpose built for Sagan to win. I see in the fantasy scenario that Lombardy has also been moved to the start of the season. I suspect the bit about no French Tour winner by 2019 will prove true though
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