Should I get 9 or 10 speed chain - match cassette or crank?

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I upgraded my crank recently to the 105 5700 (10 spd) but I am sticking with the rest of my 9 spd Tiagra 4500 set up for now. I am replacing the rear cassette though (got an ultegra 9 speed 12-27). And I want to replace the chain as well, as it is 5-6 years old and rusting. Should I get a 9 speed chain to match the cassette or a 10 speed to match the crank? Current shifting with 9 speed change is just okay - bit of rubbing in lower gears on smaller rings. Would like to improve it a bit if I can and want to choose the right chain. Thx in advance


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    9 speed chain to match the cassette - 9/10/11 speed chainrings will work with anything - chain is designed to work with the specific cassette
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    I use 10 speed chain on 9 speed cassette and it works flawlessly... 9 speed on 10 speed chainring also works flawlessly, so just pick up the cheaper
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    Match chain to casette. 9 speed chains will work with 10 speed cassettes and vice versa - it's not exactly a black art.
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  • Thanks for the replies - will go with 9 speed chain, cheers