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Felt AR5 vs Giant TCR Advanced 2

AK-BCAK-BC Posts: 4
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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum but have been reading a lot of good content from the reviews section. Thanks.

I'm down to two bikes :

2015 Felt AR5 which is marked down to $2150 Canadian. (8.1kg 58cm)

2016 Giant TCR advanced 2 $2150 CAD

Both have the full 105 group set. They both have house brand wheels. Any experience on which is better?

The type of riding I do now is usually 50 km solo or with a friend. I'm new to road cycling and quite fit and would like to do some grand fondos, some club riding, and maybe some races in the future if the sport takes me that way.

My main objectives are to get a bike that's stiff, offers value, and durable. Fast is nice but I'm not overly concerned with weight. That being said does anyone know how much the giant weighs (I've been googling to no avail).

I think my real question is how much benefit is there to the aero frame. And what are the tradeoffs?

How do the manufacturers compare in terms of warranty and customer service?

The second part to this is sizing. I'm 5'7.5'' with a 32 inch inseam. I seem to fall right in between the 52 and 54 or small and medium. My legs are on the long side which would imply my torso is shorter does that mean I would need a smaller frame (less reach). That's my logic. However, I'm seeing on the sizing charts that having a greater inseam says I should be a medium or 54. Take a look here. click what's my size right under the price. ( ... 639/89625/). If someone educate me a bit here that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any help :)


  • kawaspressokawaspresso Posts: 106
    Giant TCR advanced 2 is 8.03kg according to Giant, without pedals.
    I had a TCR and it was a really stiff but comfortable bike, really good bike for races. I'm now riding a Trek Emonda, great bike too.
  • AK-BCAK-BC Posts: 4
    Giant TCR advanced 2 is 8.03kg according to Giant, without pedals.
    I had a TCR and it was a really stiff but comfortable bike, really good bike for races. I'm now riding a Trek Emonda, great bike too.

    I just came across a 2015 emonda s6 (ultegra) marked down to $2200. So $50 buck difference for full ultegra. I weighed both and the emonda is a pound heavier. I'm curious why you switched to the emonda? How do they compare? Which TCR and emonda do you have?

    Just would like to pick your brain a bit. This is my first road bike so I'm not entirely sure what I want. The two bikes are similar but the giant's stack is 2 centimeters lower. I don't really know how it feels to ride 50km on a road bike so I'm not sure what kind of fit I want. I would wonder how you felt after the tcr going to the emonda.

    I kind of feel that the tcr can be made to fit more upright if I want that with a positive rise and all the spacers, but the emonda has a limit to how low it can go because of the longer headtube.
  • AK-BCAK-BC Posts: 4
    The emonda sold when I went to take it for another ride so I ended up buying the Giant. I think I would have got the Giant anyways. Thanks for all the help, guys!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I have looked at both bikes in the past - along with a Cervélo S3 in place of the Felt. I would think the TCR woukd be more fun to ride day to day and as you seem to be using it in that capacity it woild make more sense.
  • kawaspressokawaspresso Posts: 106
    I switched to emonda just because it a better looking bike, but I don't recommend S series, too heavy, SL or SLR only.

    Enjoy your Giant !
  • nicklongnicklong Posts: 231
    I have a Felt AR3. Felt customer service has been great, I noticed a potential flaw in the seatpost (you can see the individual carbon sheets through the lacquer) which with hindsight may just have been the layup, but Felt sent me a new one after I emailed a few photos. As for the bike, it is my go-to race bike. I'd certainly recommend one if you are a fast rider, otherwise the TCR would be a more comfy all-rounder.

    As an aside, I also have a CAAD10 which is a livelier and more enjoyable ride, but perhaps slower (this might be psychological).
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