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Canyon Inflite AL 9.0 tyre clearance

bike_the_worldbike_the_world Posts: 3
edited June 2016 in Cyclocross
I've ordered a Canyon Inflite AL 9.0 and am now wondering whether I need to be concerned about tyre clearance.

I asked Canyon and they told me max tyre clearance is '32 at a push'. Does anyone else have one and can verify this as it does seem lower than I'd expect.

Also, for someone who won't be doing cx racing but will be doing all year round off roading, does anyone think this will be an issue. I've not seen any negative comments in reviews re tyre clearance but I have noticed a lot of popular cx tyre reviews are often wider than this?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!


  • XCMarkXCMark Posts: 55
    I've got 35mm Schwalbe G-ones on mine and there is loads of space to spare
  • Thanks for the prompt response XCMark. That was my suspicion, that Canyon's response understated the tyre clearance.

    That's eased my concerns!

    p.s. How are you finding the bike?
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