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So i lost 4 hours of my life today working out how to upload a course to this device. It did work, eventually, through prodigious use of the internet and other cyclists' woes.

I thought I'd state how i did it so fewer riders have to do what i did...

Upload the route to MapMyRide (my Connect is set to do this) or similar so you have an exportable TCX route. This needs changing to a .fit file (online stuff will do that). Then add it to the New Files folder.

I went and rode the course, not bad for the small screen, turns were way too early and if you leave the course turns stop being given! Useless!! I'll be looking for another device!

If it doesnt work let me know, i'll give a better description of what i did.... Good luck


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    Buy a 520.
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    You can send the course straight to the device if you plot it in Garmin Connect and have Garmin Express on your computer.

    All the other Garmins (apart from the 20 which is a dumbed down 25) you can just copy the GPX into the folder on the device. Less faff.

    Its OK as a backup but if you really want to navigate then as Gethin says, get one with maps on. 800 is my choice.
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    the problem was that Garmin software didn't work... I had created a course from a recorded Garmin ride, but it would not fact it caused a total sync failure. i was suggesting a work around.

    And a bigger more expensive GPS is not a work around! :roll:
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    I just re-read the post - nowhere does it say you even tried the Garmin software. Perhaps you should read your own posts before you send them and make sure that they say what you think?!
  • Well i mentioned Connect, that's a clue and i assumed we are all capable of installing and navigating software attached to a device we have purchased, which i did. You need to google this problem, you'll see many other instances of this not working. My device would not accept a course via Connect/Express and it caused a total sync failure. Very poor effort.
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    Another way is connect to the Garmin app on your phone via bluetooth and download the course from there.

    Have done both a few times.

    Useful info that a .FIT file placed on the device manually works though - initial reports that placing files on the device didnt work were based on doing it with GPX/TCX files.

    As Gethin says though, if you want to follow a course you bought the wrong device in the first place though - it'll do it but its not ideal.
  • The original point of the post was to help other users do the same - i know its not a mapping gps, but a course should be uploadable as stated in the docs. I hope it does help someone.