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GerryM01GerryM01 Posts: 8
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Some advice please.
Looking to upgrade my tyres. Currently using Continental Grand Prix 4000, 700x25c. No real issues with them and they have been excellent.Suspect there are better tyres available and i would appreciate any advice as to what tyre i should go for.
Thanks in advance for all help


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,028
    You suspect wrong, in my view. There are few, if any tyres that are as good as the GP4K. Only change them if they are worn or damaged, and I suspect a lot of people on here would suggest buying the same again.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,093
    yep, gp4000s are good tyres, grippy, reasonable crr, reasonable puncture resistance

    what would constitute an 'upgrade': lighter? tougher? something else?
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  • hububallihububalli Posts: 26
    A mate got some of those Vittoria Corsa Graphene tyres and seems to think they are the best thing ever. Apparently the graphene reduces the rolling resistance.
  • antsmithmkantsmithmk Posts: 717
    ^£50 a tyre them. Expensive rubbers...
  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
    There are others that are as good. Some, arguably, better. But these are really really fine margins. There's nothing you can upgrade to. Plenty you can go sideways to, for whatever reason floats your boat.
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