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Buying MTB rims for replacement

gondardgondard Posts: 2
edited June 2016 in MTB buying advice
I recently tacoed my front wheel on my voodoo hoodoo 2012/2013 whilst doing a jump. I managed to get the rim reasonably straight with my arms on the trail so I could cycle home. Where the rim is joined the joint is off and the edge of the rims do not meet. Should I,
1. Get the rim trued in the shop and that will be fine for future cycling.
2. Buy a new rim and give it to the shop with the old wheel and ask the shop to replace the rim.
3. Buy a whole new wheel and put that on myself.

I am worried that the rim I buy won't fit my original wheels will these rims: (nukeproof generator am rim 26") ... -prod80641 fit my original wheels or will I need a different rim.
Thanks in advance.


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