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Rise Above 2016

Thigh_burnThigh_burn Posts: 489
Anyone doing it this year? I can see that last year's event was generally well received, not withstanding the niggles.

Also interested to know whether for a sportive newbie it may be too much of a stretch. I'm doing the Prudential Ride London this year, which will be my first of any sort of event...


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Registration was a complete mess.
    First Feed station was a complete mess - I queued and then got bored after 10 mins and rolled on.
    Finish was nice.

    A few people I know aren't going back. If they address the issues and if you're prepared and take your own food - then It'll be a good day out.

    The long course was very tough by all accounts - I don't know if they've adjusted that route this year ? More of a grovel than fun by all accounts. I did the medium distance and that was enjoyable. Tough enough without battering yourself.
  • RallyBikerRallyBiker Posts: 378
    I did the long one last year and it was an abortion of an event. Horseshoe feed was a joke with probably 150 +riders queuing for drink top ups. Brenig wasn't much better either. I'll be making the trip up to the Scottish Borders instead and doing the Ken Laidlaw out of Hawick. Proper event with mountains of scoff at the feeds
  • phippssphippss Posts: 96
    I also did the medium route. I agree the first stop was ridiculousthe queue for drinks were huge. I gave up after a while. The 2nd stop was better but by then i was much nearer the front. Cav passed me on a climb like i was going backwards but he was very sociable. Spectatorswhere a great encouragement throughtout. Good route all achievable. Final run in to chester was great with the barriers and people cheering.
  • twotyredtwotyred Posts: 822
    Last years route was a proper challenge but the long route this year has been changed and is not nearly so challenging. I only used the Brenig feed stop last year but that was disappointing with no real food, only energy bars and gels, and no hot drinks. Marshalling at dodgy junctions was also non-existent. Goody bag was poor and Cav had buggered off before most of the riders got back from the long route. The finish on Bridge St was great though. Its a shame to say this as I'm a local and want it to succeed but if they haven't made big changes for this year then there are far better events for the money.
  • carbonclemcarbonclem Posts: 1,517
    I did the medium route and really enjoyed it. The feed station at the horsehoe pass was mad busy but I just used the loo and cracked on as I make sure I'm self sufficient.
    Great route and the was plenty to be had at the end - goody bag, burgers, malt loaves, pistachios, inner tubes, recovery bottles all for a little over £30 - bargain.
    I'm not doing it this year as its not local, and I've 'done' it, but I'd heartily reccommend it.
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