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Replacing Bars, post and Saddle on Bizango

pinchezpinchez Posts: 76
edited June 2016 in MTB buying advice
Bought a 2016 Voodoo Bizango a couple of months back and really like it but I'm not a fan of the over use of green on handlebars, seat post and saddle so looking to change these as cheaply as possible with parts at least of the same quality. I'd also like standard size I think 650mm handlebars as I simply can't get on with the wide 780mm bars it came with!

I have a Charge Spoon saddle on my Road Bike which I'm very happy with so just going to get one of these for my Bizango. I'm a little unsure on sizing eg. Post and bar diameter, so if someone could give me some advice on what to get that would fit my bizango that would be great, don't really want to spend more than £30 per part



  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    Seat post will have its size stamped on it but I'm pretty sure its a 31.6, as long as you get a seatpost for normal twin rail clamping the Spoon will fit fine, the only other clamp types and iBeam and pivotal and they look very different.

    Bars will be 31.8mm clamp, there is no such thing as a standard width, if anything 580mm was as near as youd get to standard for a long time but would be silly narrow on a Bizango.

    Parts of a similar quality, just get anything that comes as OE on a Merida made bike (carrera, Merida, Boardman, Pinnacle etc etc).
  • pinchezpinchez Posts: 76
    Thanks for the advice Rookie, I'd never go for 580mm bars but I'm thinking 650 - 660mm like my old specialised MTB
  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    I'd personally persevere with the bars for a bit longer. I recently switched bikes and now have 720mm bars.I was very aware if the extra width at first but now like the extra steering control and wouldn't go back to narrower bars.

    If you like the Charge Spoon, best to stick to that or if you want something a little nicer but the same shape take a look at the Fabric Spoon. Madison Flux saddle is also similar.
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