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Which year Specialized Stumpjumper??

jamesbaajamesbaa Posts: 8
edited June 2016 in MTB buying advice
Recently had my much loved Trek Fuel EX 7 stolen and now looking to replace it with a stumpjumper. Not planning on buying new due to the insurance company only paying out £500 but i will be willing to spend up to £2000 on a replacement second hand bike.

so my question is which model year would people recommend and what can i expect to get for £1500-£2000? i've been looking on ebay and prices on the stumpjumpers vary so much. there is somebody selling a 2016 for £1700 and somebody selling a higher spec 2012 for £1700. just wondering is the 2012 worth going for if its a higher carbon framed bike over the 2016 lower spec'd bike.


  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    Don't buy a carbon Stumpjumper. I know two people with them and both broke spectacularly!
    Do you want newer and lower spec or older and higher spec?
  • jamesbaajamesbaa Posts: 8
    That was my worry, my ex7 used to take a pounding and I always wanted to go for something with more travel but worried the carbon wouldn't hold up.

    My old EX 7 was a 2014 but i upgraded it with 50mm raceface stem, raceface bars, reverb dropper post, single chain ring, m8000 brake set ideally I'd like to get something with that sort of spec.

    I me ex7 was 18.5 virtual 17.5 actual size I put the 50mm stem on because the bike always seemed like a long reach, would a medium or large stumpy ride similar
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    Carbon can be strong, just not on the Stumpjumper.
    Why the Stumpy? There's loads of similar bikes just as good so why narrow down the choice?
  • jamesbaajamesbaa Posts: 8
    If I'm honest it's only really because of how highly rated that have been having got best trail bike awards etc. But I am open to other bike's. What would you recommend?

    Mainly ride swinley in Bracknell forest but have been to bike park Wales with the though of going back again
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    Stumpy is good but loads are just as good or better. I think it only won trail bike of the year once.
    I'd also look at Giant Trance, Trek Fuel EX, Santa Cruz Blur, Transition Scout, Santa Cruz 5010, Nukeproof Mega TR, Specialized Camber Evo, Mondraker Foxy and probably loads of others.
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