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Suspension Service Help

theomer1987theomer1987 Posts: 3
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Hi Folks

I have a couple of questions.

Im looking to service my forks and shock but as i got the bike second hand im missing the manuals etc.

Ive found some helpful vids on youtube for the basics but im getting confused with oil levels and the replacement seals i need to buy.

Bike: Ghost AMR 7500 (2011 i think)
Forks: Fox 32 FIT RL
Shock: RP23 Boost Valve shock

The suspension info was taken from a post on the website below (Mine is the green and grey) ... ook-28542/

I found this site for oil levels but cannot see the exact name for the shocks so im unsire which to use ... olumes.htm

and as for the maintenance kit to buy ... a6I334MW9Q

Im guessing its the Float Shock& 32mm fork service option id need

any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Lungs94Lungs94 Posts: 160
    Bikeradar have a youtube video on how to service your Fox suspension.
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Your forks ans shock may have a code written on them. You can input this into the Fox site (somewhere) and you will get the exact model. NB tat the rear shock can only be serviced so far at home for the even the keen mechanic - the damper requires a nitrogen charge.
  • Thanks for the info

    Can anyone confirm that the maintanance kit suggested would be the correct one to replace the seals etc or am i missing something
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