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Spesh Camber Comp 2016 650b - weight? 420 Chainstays?

pseymourpseymour Posts: 194
edited June 2016 in MTB buying advice
I’m looking at buying a Spesh Camber Comp 650b 2016, but can’t find the weight listed anywhere. Does anyone know the weight. I’m going to book a test ride, but can any owners describe what the ride is like. I’m amazed how short the chain stays are at 420mm, so how does this effect the ride. Presumably it’s very flickable and easy to manual which is what i’m looking for? Purely because it’s more fun for me.
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  • KingzoloKingzolo Posts: 52
    I got the 29er version. Its 13 kg with pedals - I changed the Stem and bar thuoght. But i would imagine that the 27.5 is a little lighter :)
  • KingzoloKingzolo Posts: 52
    oh and about the manuvability - the chainstay is not quite as short on the 29 version but its still short and it makes it very flickable and fast in berms/corners/tight singletracks. Even more that my old 27.5 :)
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