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CAADX 105 2016 Rear Mech

vehlinvehlin Posts: 10
edited July 2018 in Cyclocross
I'm struggling to find the answer to this question.

Is the rear derailleur on the CAADX 105 a short or medium cage? I'm hoping I'll be able to drop an 11-32 cassette in as a straight swap for the 11-28, but it'll only work on the medium cage one.


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,767
    A quick google of some pics of 2016 Caadx 105s seems to show a short cage mech...
  • vehlinvehlin Posts: 10
    Grrr. Oh well I'll be sticking with the 11-28 for a bit then
  • jimbopjimbop Posts: 1
    vehlin wrote:
    Grrr. Oh well I'll be sticking with the 11-28 for a bit then
    Clearly this is a very old post but FWIW my mate helped me change the gearing on my 2016 CAADX 105 because i was struggling on climbs. He changed the cassette to 11-32 (previously 11-28) and the small chainring to 34 (previously 36). No other changes were required. It works absolutely perfectly with the original short cage 105 derailleur. I don't know if there would be any reason for it not to work if you changed only the cassette rather than cassette and chainring but that's the only variable that might be different. What did you do in the end? In fact the reason i found this post is that i'm thinking of going to a 11-34 and so i'm researching ways of doing this and wanted to confirm the derailleur length on my bike. All sorts of solutions out there, some involving Wolf Tooth Roadlink thing, some SRAM cassettes, some Shimano MTB cassettes or Ultegrea derailleur and cassette. I'm going to a bike shop this afternoon to ask for some advice because it's way above my level of knowledge and don't want to bother my mate again!
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