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Btwin rockrider series

RlamboFodRlamboFod Posts: 12
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I'm looking at a number of his for my first real mtb, just wondering what opinions or the btwin rockrider 520 series is? Are any of these worth looking at with a sub-£1000 budget?



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    They are good value bikes, but most are in the £300-600 price range, bar a couple of full sussers and Rafal series. All are firmly aimed in the cross country/light trail riding bracket so if you are wanting a lightweight machine for not too demanding terrain then are worth a look.

    A grand buys a lot of bike elsewhere though, such as the Giant Anthem, a highly regarded cross country bike: ... 7-5-3-2015

    Or for something a little more forgiving in the rougher stuff with its more stable geometry, there is the Calibre Bossnut and Boardman FS Team. For hardtails also check out the OnOne Parkwood.
  • larkimlarkim Posts: 2,312
    For £499, the 560S with a RS air forks up front and a lesser known rear shock (which I've read good things about in relation to better known rivals, eg. Fox CTD) still looks a steal. ... 22588.html
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  • MapcaseMapcase Posts: 5
    I owned a Rockrider 5.3 for a year or two. Nice bike but as has already been mentioned they're really aimed at light trail use. Frames are well made but bars can be a little short and stems a little long for my tastes. The geometry also tends to lag behind the rest of the bike manufacturers by a couple of years (it's getting better though). Under £1000 can get you a very nice hardtail or a good entry level full suss.
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