Changing rear cassette

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If I changed my rear cassette from a 12-25 to a 11-28, would the chain length , rear derailleur need changing, it' would still be an eleven speed cassette


  • sungod
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    yes, chain should be a bit longer (so that things don't end badly if you shift to big-big)

    rear mech b screw adjustment to set correct spacing
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  • lincolndave
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    Thanks Sungod
  • Bobbinogs
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    ...although it could be that your chain is just a bit too long at the moment! I would suggest checking it but, if it does need to be longer, then be very careful about how you achieve that given that certain pins/links are not designed to be reused.
  • lincolndave
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    I changed the cassette over at the weekend, no problems whatsoever.