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Hardtail Build - Got the frame, now choices to be made!

mtb_monkey2mtb_monkey2 Posts: 20
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Ok, so I have bought myself a hardtail frame on a bit of a whim.

This was partly because when I started riding two years ago I broke my hardtail frame after 2500 miles in year one and have all the parts from stripping it. The second reason I bought it was I was a bit bored and thought building a bike would be fun.

I won't go it alone as I don't have the expertise. Brakes, gears, cranks, bottom bracket I can do but bearings and headsets etc I will take it to the LBS for assistance.

I was looking for advice on certain parts on the bike and would be interested in opinions. Its likely to be a winter hack to be honest, offroad mainly, cross country. Looking to spend about £500 on bits not including the frame that I already have.

So I have a On One Parkwood 27.5

Firstly it says its optimised for 120mm forks. Can I run 100mm forks or will it cause issues?

I was looking at Rockshox 100mm Recon Silver at £134 but if its 120mm I will need the 30 Gold at £210. I have chosen these based on price and I didn't want a coil spring. I kind of thought spending this on the forks leaves me £300 for other bits and some of the stuff I already have (wheels,tyres,bars,brakes).

Was thinking 1x10 or 1x11 to keep it simple and remove the need to fit a front derailleur. I already have 1x11 on my Canyon Spectral so am used to it.

Any other suggestions. Am in no rush to make decisions but would like to hear anyone's thoughts.


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