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rear cassette

rickyg55rickyg55 Posts: 2
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my local bikeshop told me my rear cassette is on its way ot and will soon need replacing, i thought it was a shimano cassette but he says it is sram.My chain is a shimano hg 50 9speed, should i get the hg 50 cassette ? what is the hierarchy with the shimano cassettes is a hg 60 better than a hg50? is acera better than alivio etc, My present cassette is 11-32, I rarely use the 32 ring, would i be better with a 11-30 many thanks in advance


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,904
    Makes no difference what make, Sram and Shimano are compatible. The higher the number the higher in the Shimano hierachy.
    If you need to replace the cassette, you probably need to replace the chain as well. KMC are better than Shimano, and come with a joining link.
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