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blonskiblonski Posts: 2
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So i have decided I would like to start riding trails. Many years ago in my younger days I used to do dirt jumping but I know it is completely different to riding trails.

Anyway... I was looking at getting the VooDoo Canzo through the cycle 2 work scheme as a starting bike and if all goes well over the first year then look into upgrading.

I will only be using the bike twice a month at a maximum I would of thought due to work commitments and a 2 year old son hence why I dont want to shell out too much to start off with just incase I am unable to free up the time I would like to so I am able to go and ride.

Would you suggest going with the VooDoo Canzo (full suspension) or maybe get something like the Kona Blast (hard tail)?

All help/advice is appreciated.


  • Rookie1986Rookie1986 Posts: 153
    I tested the Canzo when looking to get a full sus last year and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it felt... I ended up getting a Canyon Nerve but that's a different story... Go give one a try and see how you feel on it!
  • Lungs94Lungs94 Posts: 160
    If you're only going to use it twice a month then no point shelling out 1k for a bike, Look at the voodoo bizango or Boardman series. I dont rate the Canzo after riding it for couple hours.
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  • KMGKMG Posts: 146
    Look at the second hand adverts on here, Pinkbike and Ebay there's any number of cheap hard tails out there at the moment that will be perfectly suitable for you. You'd probably find the spec is higher than buying new as well! Plus if you're going to upgrade later on you won't have lost quite as much money as if you'd bought new, what with the huge amount of depreciation that bikes attract.
  • willmtbwillmtb Posts: 69
    From reading reviews the Canzo seems like a great buy and for a very good value for money full suspension it's one of the best on the market! I've rode a blast for a week last year and it's an excellent ride. It's agile through corners and quick up the hills however it only had 100mm travel so for trail riding if I was you think of how difficult obstacles will be etc and see if the less travel blast will work. Being a hardtail aswel the blast for the money has better spec of components.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    He hasn't been back since his first post, so probably isn't going to read the slightly belated advice.
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