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Shock choice

flyro1000flyro1000 Posts: 3
edited June 2016 in MTB buying advice
Hi, i have a norco sight 2 and im upgrading the shock. th current one is 200x57 my question is; can i put a 216x57 in its place or does it have to be 200x57.
Cheers Jacob


  • jimothy78jimothy78 Posts: 1,407
    The new shock would be 16mm longer when uncompressed, so think about what that means for your frame... Depending on the frame and any limiting factors due to linkages etc., it might not even fit, but supposing that it did, it would at the very least raise the bottom bracket, steepen the head angle and seat tube angle. Can't imagine any of those would be particularly desirable changes ;)
  • flyro1000flyro1000 Posts: 3
    okay cheers
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    If it physically fits it will ruin the way the bike rides and turn it in to an unstable nightmare
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