Are these two parts compatible?

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I'm just about to hit go and order up some part upgrades for my commuter.

Buying a 105 5701 10 Speed Rear Mech and looking for flat bar shifter to match.

The Shimano Tiagra 4700 set look okay, but I'm not bothered by the window thingy that tells you what gear you're in..

Is there anything out there that's a little bit more minimalist that would work?

Thanks in Advance..



  • Tiagra 4700 requires one of the new style derailleurs, that is, a 4700/5800/6800/9000 one. Could buy a 4700 or 5800 RD instead, if you haven't already.
  • CoalTheCat
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    Thanks raisinberry77…. I did do internet based research before asking the question.

    There is conflicting information out there saying that the Tiagra 4700 must be used with 4700/5800/6800/900

    But there is also information to suggest that the rd 5701 is just an updated version of the 5700 and it will work.

    I have already hit order for the rear mech so could do with finding compatible FB shifters…
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    In that case you need Tiagra 4600 flat bar shifters...
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    Nice one keef66..
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    I'm using the 5701 rear mech with a deore LX shifter hu26o5.jpg

    and no issues to report