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JamiePoJamiePo Posts: 4
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Dear Community,

I am a new mountain biker and have recently fallen in love with biking after a very enjoyable stag do in Scotland in Glentress.

While up there, my mongoose Hardtail wasn't cutting it. So I hired two different Orange bikes. These bikes were both truly amazing bikes in their own right and very enjoyable for different reason. *both full sus"

I am keen now to buy my on bike that I will be able to use for both basic trails etc but also able to use for more down hill burns and jumps etc (needs to be able to last)

I am keen to buy a bike in the region of £1,000 - £3,000 with the latter being more preferable and am looking for the most bang for buck at that price in terms of spec and addons. I am aware there are some super duper bikes that are pretty and cost lots of money, but feel at this stage, would be wasted on me.

I hope this is enough information to help you guys to help me but please ask if need me to provide more information.

All the best!


  • kickaxekickaxe Posts: 446
    How does a Giant Trance sound? It's truly a great bike that can handle more than seems likely, both uphill and downhill. Coming from a hardtail I was afraid that it would not climb very well, but I was proven wrong. In fact, at least when seated, the pedaling does not affect the suspension at all, it does at the same time absorb bumps though. Downhill it is a great bike as well, able to handle a downhill track (I'm the weak point here), tested on the new trail my club and I built.
    -Cube Acid 29" 2013
    -A new Giant Trance 3 2015!
  • iwilldoitiwilldoit Posts: 710
    As suggested above I bought one of these ... 7-5-1-2015 hell of a good bike and I think good value for money.

    Bought two bikes off them and they have been very good.
  • JamiePoJamiePo Posts: 4
    Thanks guys, I'll have a look into this bike. In the meantime are there any other suggestions?

    Thanks again all.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The YT Capra is worth a look - is on the more extreme side of what you want, but a well reviewed bike with a good component spec (they are a little short though for a given size).
  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    Giant Trance is excellent but the Transition Scout is even better. Not as good components for the money but such a great frame that it's just a brilliant ride and built like a tank.
  • JamiePoJamiePo Posts: 4
    Thanks guys,

    I'm going to research some on these bikes and will get back to you with my thoughts!
  • Rookie1986Rookie1986 Posts: 153
    If you've tried and enjoyed the Orange then why not look to get an Orange? Seems logical...

    Or if you are looking at "bang for buck" then consider one of the mail order only bikes (Radon, Canyon, Bird, Rose etc etc). These usually offer far greater spec vs the high street stores and have become hugely popular in recent years offering people the chance to get a much better bike for a fraction of the big named brands equivalent. Just give them a google as there are loads of reviews and information out there!!
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